A World Cup Final Before the Actual World Cup Final

It’s almost the World Cup Final day. Yet the people talk about only one game. The epic defeat of Brazil by Germany. Surely millions of sports fans had not been expecting the 6 goal difference football show the other day. And it literally broke the hearts of the millions of Brazilian sports fans who were quite eager to see the final of the World Cup which was hosted by the Brazilians themselves. Here is a funny video that summarizes the whole semifinal defeat in ten seconds.

We, the Socialeyes Team loved this video! The soundtrack playing the famous “Brazil” song, which is interrupted with a gigantic beer glass that has German flag on it that crushes the cocktail glass that represents Brazil.

Obviously this game has already put the actual final in its shade. Now that we have Argentina matched up with Germany in the World Cup Final, fans will be expecting another goal show from the German Panzers. On the other hand, the host fans, will watch this World Cup Final with fear, hoping that their fierce rivals Argentina does not end up lifting up the World Cup. From another point of view, surely the streets of Buenos Aires will watch a very exciting World Cup Final hoping that they end up becoming the champions of the World Cup in Brazil.

So the question here is: will we see another video of Argentinian Wine Glass smashed by the Gigantic German Glass, or will Lionel Messi’s Argentina bring the title home by making their fans proud on this special World Cup Final.

Now we know that many fans worldwide are expecting to see their idol, Lionel Messi to lift the World Cup, making him a true football legend and take his place in history. On the other hand, we have a very strong and on form German team that displays excellence in team play.

All we know that on Sunday night, millions of people all across the globe will watch the World Cup Final without the blink of an eye. And us, as the Socialeyes Team will light up our barbeque, have our favorite beers in our hands and enjoy this most entertaining sports event with our beloved fans. You think the Germans will win? Or is it going to be the night for Argentinian Tango.

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