Hello From Socialeyes

We are very excited for the upcoming days. Because we are about to make our initial release to public. By Socialeyes, we are willing to help everyone to socialize easier. No, we are not talking about a new way to share your videos, nor your articles, nor your pictures from last night. We are talking about getting together with your beloved ones face to face. We are talking about unplanned spontaneous hangouts.

Because this is our first blog post, we wanted to introduce ourselves, what we do, what we think, why we do what we do, and who we are. We want to make the world a better place. Absolutely noooot! An app cannot make the world a better place. An app can only make people’s lives easier and more entertaining. That is what we do. Make your social lives easier. A “good morning”, a warm smile, yielding in traffic can make the world a better place. Green Peace and Peace Corps are already working on project Earth. They are pretty good at it.

We are 6 people. One business guy who thinks that he can always come up with crazy ideas, one designer who thinks that beautiful design is the difference between failure and success, and 4 developers who are pretty good at what they are doing. We love to watch Game of Thrones (at least most of us) Silicon Valley (because Aviato is the real thing) and go to movies from time to time. We all live a simple life. We work from home most of the time and get together a few times a week. We do this not because we don’t like each other but because we think this is more efficient and the technology gives us this chance.

We blog because we have things to say. There are many right and many wrong things about the world we live in and we want our voice to be heard too. We want our blog posts to focus on people, social life and tech. If there is a new trend we will talk about it. If there is something wrong with a trend we will bring it out. If we think there is something funny about people, we will share it with you.

We would love to hear from you. Your feedbacks, your thoughts, your compliments, criticisms, anything! So whenever you want to, please reach us at support[at]socialeyesapp.com